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The climate in coastal areas such as South East Queenslands Gold Coast is extremely harsh on your vehicles paintwork and Boats gel coat. In no time at all your Paintwork can become faded / dull / oxidised and loose its smoothness. This is because pollutants such as acid rain, salt residue, bird and bat droppings, overspray, road grime, brake dust, UV rays and tree sap are at work on a daily basis affecting your vehicles surface. Professional polishing and waxing from Preferred Car Care on a regular basis will guarantee your car's finish remains protected, clean and shiny even after 10 or 15 years from new. Our polishing techniques will safely remove fine surface scratches, oxidisation (fading), swirl and haze marks from previous incorrect buffing techniques and avoid the onset of corrosion i.e... rust spots. From our experience most people do not understand the differences between claying, wet sanding, compounding, polishing, waxing, Paint rejuvenation and restoration, cut and polishing and paint protection. Please feel free to call us so we can explain any of the above in more detail for you. Read More »

Gold Coast detailing


Our pre-sale detailing options are guaranteed to help you sell your vehicle faster and in most cases increase its value by up to to 20% or even more! No job is too small. Even if you own a cheaper car that is not in great condition we can help you to increase its resale value. Your small investment will pay for itself many times over.

Cut and polish, machine buffing


Thinking re spray ? think again !. Speak to us before you spend thousands on a full respray in most cases we can restore faded and aged Paintwork and marine Gelcoat for a fraction of the cost of a re spray. Oxidation (faded paintwork or gelcoat) can be a problem for car and boat owners, since the outermost layers of paint or gelcoat are constantly exposed to air, UV rays and water. If the vehicle or marine crafts outer finish is not protected by a wax coating or polyurethane, the oxygen molecules in the air will eventually start interacting with the paint. As the oxygen burns up the free radicals contained in the paint, the finish becomes duller and duller. Restoration efforts may include removing a layer of affected paint and reapplying a new layer of protectant. This is why we recommend at least one layer of spray wax or other protectant be used every time the car is washed. Read More »

Bumper, scratch and paint repair


Surface scratches can be removed by wet sanding followed by cut and polishing and in cases of deep scratches we use our unique colour match filling process which again reduces the need of re spraying. We also offer a Colour matched paint touch up service, this service is particularly popular with pre sale details. Overspray is a fine mist of paint that can contaminate your vehicles surface if the car has been near a panel repair shop or even just parked nearby when painting has been taking place. This is removed by gently clay barring the vehicle after it has been washed before applying a finishing polishing wax.

Gold Coast leather cleaning repair


Is your leather discoloured, dirty or stained ?. Gold Coast families are active families. Sweat and dirt leave a build up of grime on your leather. Even your your clothing can discolour your leather on a daily basis. We can professionally clean and condition all leather surfaces. Read More »

Gold coast upholstery cleaning


Got Kids or Pets ? If so then you've probably got stains or marks on your cars upholstery. We use the best commercial products available to safely remove all upholstery stains. Shampooing will not only remove stains but make your cars interior feeling fresh and new again. Read More »

Car odour removal gold coast


Odour removal is not just spraying deodoriser inside the car. Depending on the cause and extent of the odour it may be necessary to put an air conditioning bomb through the cars air conditioner. Essentially this lines the air con ducts and interior upholstery with anti bacterial and deodorising properties which in turn kills the bacteria that creates the smell. This service is best performed after shampooing the upholstery.

Gold coast car wash


Who has time to clean their own car ? We understand that these days most people are time poor. This is where our customer service really comes into play. We can offer heavily discounted rates for regular clients that take advantage of this service. We will make things as easy as possible for you by coming to your home or workplace, sending a reminder sms the day before each visit and collecting and parking the vehicle if neccessary. In cases where water is not available we can either bring our own water in tanks or use our advanced Nanotech waterless wash system Because people tell us all the time that a clean car makes you feel ORGANISED. Read More »

Gold coast paint protection


Speak to us before you pay way too much for Paint Protection at the car dealership. Many Dealerships in the Gold Coast and Brisbane region have been caught red faced using inferior sealants and not Premium Ceramic Resin Based products. Dealerships maximise there profit margins by using wax and polymer based products because they are cheaper and can be applied by anyone, unfortunately - they simply do not last the test of time. How do we know this? Simply because we consistently receive enquiries from disgruntled dealership customers who are seeking advice because they have been dealt the short straw when it comes to paint protection. It is our sole intention to give new and used car owners an honest, trustworthy cost effective option instead of you having to put up with car dealers praying on your emotions while buying a new or used car. Read More »

Gold coast headlight restoration


Faded headlights are both unsafe and illegal. Our specialists will come to you and restore those dull and tired looking headlights for a fraction of the cost of replacement, while completing the appearance of your vehicle and allowing your vehicle ready for roadworthy. Read More »

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