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Preferred Car Window Tinting Brisbane

Preferred Car Window Tinting Brisbane are the auto appearance Specialists and service all area's including Brisbane Northside and South Brisbane.

Our dedicated car window tinting installers in Brisbane are equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure our clients expectations are met by providing top of the range window tinting films at the right price carrying lifetime warranty. Preferred are the customer service specialists catering for both new and second hand cars. Save hundreds by shopping with the dealership suppliers directly.

Our automotive appearance center located just south of Brisbane means our customers have a convenient window tinting location as well as our mobile car window tinting service in Brisbane.

So Why Should Preferred Tint Your Car ?

Cutting Edge Technology – Suntek Carbon XP is a next generation window film offering enhanced performance for high end applications at affordable pricing. Carbon XP is The latest in non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon technology

UV Blockout - Suntek films boast 99.9% UV Blockout keeping you safe from harmfull cancer causing ultra violet rays and also protecting your interior from future deterioration. Suntek are a skin cancer foundation recommended product. Definitely something to think about with Brisbane’s tropical climate.

Heat Reduction - Tinted car windows reduce up to 60% of heat hence reducing hot spots in your cars interior, allowing a more comfortable driving experience and reducing deterioration of your vehicle interior plastics. Suntek are at the pinnacle of heat reduction technology.

Appearance - Nothing sets your car off more than a set of window tints. Suntek car window films have High end appeal due to a fantastic black carbon look distinguishing from cheaper imitations. Stand out and be proud with a Suntek film.


Did You Know that paint protection is covered on your car insurance in the event that re-coating is required after body repairs?

Insurers that we have successfully worked with:


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